Vocals, violin, guitar, ukulele, piano


What is OLIVIA FOX to you personally?:


Sisterhood. Inclusiveness. Keep your wine close and your girlfriends closer.


Nicknames: Tiffy, Tiff, any variation thereof

Origin: Lee's Summit, MO


Instrument you wished you played: Pedal steel guitar

Top 3 musical artists: Far too difficult to narrow down, but my favorite decades are the 60’s and 70’s.

Dream duet: Dolly Parton. She’s a saint.

Top 3 favorite songs: Another tough one, but some of my favorites that I could listen to on repeat on any given day are “Vincent” by Don Mclean, “The Winner Is” by Devotchka (this Pandora station is great), and The Rain Song Led Zeppelin

Guilty pleasure song(s): Baby It’s Cold Outside. Any version of this duet. I just melt. Also, every Disney Song, and I’m a sucker for musicals.

Song or songs that make you cry: What a Wonderful World. Writers of the song were inspired by Louis Armstrong’s ability to bring people of different backgrounds together. I can barely keep my composure when singing or listening to it. What a Wonderful World is one of the sweetest songs I think I’ve ever heard.

Musical artist (living) you would want to have coffee with: Again, Dolly. Coffee date after our duet?

Flowers or chocolate?: Hands down chocolate, every time.

Favorite snack?: (see flowers vs chocolate)

Summer or winter?: Keep Spring, Summer and Fall through the holidays. Fast forward after Christmas and go right back into Spring.

Dog or cat?: Cats are the Squidwards of the world

First experience performing in public: 7th grade swing choir audition (talk about nerve wracking!)

Most amazing experience that involved music: When visiting Nashville last year, I toured the Ryman. Just being there, standing on the same ground that so many incredible artists had stood on before was an inspiring experience. As we walked along the pews, a song began to play throughout the auditorium as part of the sound check for Sturgill Simpson who was to perform there that evening. It was “Breakers Roar”. As the notes rang out, they echoed throughout the historic walls. I knew I would never forget that moment. Since that trip, whenever I want to revisit memories of the Ryman, I play that song.