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AUBREY Dykeman

Vocals, piano, tambo, songwriting

Who is OLIVIA FOX to you personally? OLIVIA FOX is that hard working mom, entrepreneur, survivor, neighbor, sister, friend, and total boss lady that we all know. She is that woman we aspire to be and who inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. She is every woman.

My hope is that people hear our music and feel like it's relatable and walk away from it feeling empowered, encouraged, and seen.


Nicknames: Aubs, AC


Origin: KCMO


Instrument you wish you played: All of them!


Top 3 all time favorite musical artists: The Beach Boys, Meghan Trainor, Shane + Shane.


Dream duet: Probably Michael Buble or Ryan Tedder.


Top 3 songs on repeat right now:
Suspension - Mae
Gratitude - Brandon Lake
I Forgot That You Existed - Taylor Swift


Guilty Pleasure song or songs: Literally. All. Meghan. Trainor. songs. 


Song or songs that makes you cry: One Last Dance - Us the Duo, Medley of Down Once More in the Phantom soundtrack. Tears and chills...It's SO intense.


Musical Artist (living) who you want to have coffee with: Dave Barnes...dude is HILARIOUS. 


Musical Artist you would get nervous meeting: I can tell you at 100% it was Ben Rector, but probably anyone who is worldwide famous because that just adds extra layers of excitement regardless.


Flowers or Chocolate? Flowers!


Summer or Winter? Summer/fall for sure! Can't stand the cold.


Favorite snack? Chips and Salsa (my fave is from chilis!)


Dog or Cat? Dog, hands down.


First experience ever performing in public: At church in a musical in 3rd grade.


What do you Love about music?

I love that listening to a song can feel deeply personal to me and can simultaneously be a universal experience for others. It can so beautifully touch a soul in a sweet, passing moment. 


Most amazing experience that involved music? Either opening for Ben Rector or co-opening for MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice! It's a toss up.

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