Vocals, uke, guitar, piano, tambo

Who is OLIVIA FOX to you personally? OLIVIA FOX is great because she is every woman. The hope is to encapsulate aspects of every woman and appreciate every unique piece about her. I want women to hear our music and feel empowered, related to, and lovable because she is exactly the individual she should be. OLIVIA FOX is that hard working mom, entrepreneur, survivor, neighbor, sister, friend, and bad ass boss lady that we all know. She is every woman in different ways. 


Nicknames: Aubs, AC


Origin: KCMO


Instrument you wish you played: Bass, violin...most other instruments!


Top 3 all time favorite musical artists: I feel like in general this is always changing, but currently: Ingrid Michaelson, George Ezra, Joseph


Dream duet: Josh Groban or Michael Buble. Hands down. :D


Top 3 favorite songs: Currently.... Hold you in my Arms - Ray LaMontagne, Holy Spirit - Francesca Batistelli, Pseudo Love Song - Natalie Closner


Guilty Pleasure song or songs: Oh my gosh. All Meghan Trainor songs. 


Song or songs that makes you cry: Most recently, "Tell your heart to beat again" - Chris Gokey


Musical Artist (living) who you want to have coffee with: Dave Barnes...dude is HILARIOUS


Musical Artist you would get nervous meeting: Is Ryan Gosling an artist now? Because....DEFINITELY.


Flowers or Chocolate? Flowers


Summer or Winter? Summer


Favorite snack? Chips and Salsa


Dog or Cat? DOG, duh.


First experience ever performing in public: At church in a musical, I had one of the lead roles in 3rd grade.


What do you Love about music? I love that songs can grab people in such a personal way. I love that we can all be connected and feel things together in masses even if we relate to the songs in different ways. People pour their heart and soul into music and it's a tangible experience for others. I love that.


Most amazing experience that involved music? Probably learning how to polka dance in a beer garden. But performing was probably co-opening for MC Hammer!